What is sum entropy? is it same as joint entropy?



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I am sorry this question is not directly related to imagej or fiji. Can any one explain a bit on

SUM ENTROPY??? I couldn’t find anything about sum entropy but few web pages on joint entropy? I found this on a reference thesis related to my work. But really I don’t get it…

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I guess it refers to the disjunctive probability (sum of probabilities) of two processes. The context in this above text should make this clear.




Thank you very much. for the response I don’t get how to relate it with the image. I mean P(i) refers to probability of what?


Please try to understand how entropy is defined.

You’ve asked this before and you’ve received several constructive answers.

Entropy of images is computed from their gray-value histograms which are empirical approximations of probability density functions. That’s where probabilities come into play …




What is sum entropy? Is it the same as joint entropy?

I don’t think so.
Joint probability is the conjunctive probability (product of probabilities) of two processes.