What does suppress local maxima within this distance mean?



What does suppress local maxima within this distance mean?
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“Local” refers to a portion (or block) of the image. For example, in a 100px x 100px image, you can divide it up into smaller blocks across the image (ie: 10px x 10px). The block starts at the top corner of the image and moves across (and then, down the image) until it measures each block.

“Local Maxima” refers to the maximum intensity within the smaller block. So, in this example, there will be a maximum intensity within each 10x10 block. ( Note: a global intensity refers to the maximum intensity across the entire 100x100 image. )

So, to “suppress the local maxima within this distance”, the local maxima are excluded from the calculations within the distance specified by the user.

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Sorry to bug you with another question relating to this:

In the Module: IdentifyPrimAutomatic:
When I choose " intensity" to distinguish clumped objects, and “intensity” to draw dividin lines between clumped objects, i found a lot of objects( cells) split up, when they should be merged, and at the same time, the clumped cells merged, that is, for some cells close to each other, they can not be identified seperately. the method I use is RidlerCalvard Adaptive.

And I tried several combination of methods and the parameters, smoothing size of 200 and size of local maxima of 6 work best, but still very bad.
So in this case, any suggestions of the parameters? Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Have a great day!


It helps to increase the integer in “Smooth local maxima within this distance” to a higher value. Also, have you tried using other methods for the thresholding method? You can also try setting the “Method to distinguish clumped objects” to “None”; for more information on the distinguishing methods, please refer to the help manual.

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Thank you so much, I highly appreciate your help!