What computer specs is best to run Cell Profiler?

Hi, we’re trying to get a new lab computer to do our imaging analysis and stuff on. I’m collecting the specs of the software we’ll likely be using to determine what kind of computer we’ll need (i.e. to justify to/convince IT we need a pretty decent computer). Can you please give me the highest specs that Cell profiler would require (RAM, processing speed, resolution, etc.) with all the modules or plug ins that go with it (if any, sorry, I don’t use this software myself so I don’t know what it entails)? Thank you!

(I know the biggest RAM and fastest processing speed is best in general, it’s just we have to convince the IT dept that we need it to do have these things, not just because we want something fancy).

Hi there,

There’s a similar discussion for a general configuration of a bench-top computer here
and also some hints for large workstation here

Hope it helps