Well Metadata Capture


Apologies if this has been put in the wrong place, this may be equally relevant to the CellProfiler Analyst section.

I’ve setup to use MYSQL with a CellProfiler Pipeline this all seems to be working fine except when it comes to the use of the metadata, I have PLATE ids e.g. “CB199” and WELL coords e.g. “H10”, H being the row and 10 the column.

I’ve been using CellProfiler to take WELL metadata from the image filenames, this works and I get the relevant PLATE and WELL columns in the per_image table. However when I try to use the results in CellProfilerAnalyst it complains that the type is incorrect – it expects type INT for the WELL but I see from my table description that the TYPE of my plate column is VARCHAR. I also tried to look at your CellProfiler Analyst example, it looks like the table in the example has a type INT for the column WELL and PLATE (i.e. ).

So my question is how do get the metadata to be captured as type INT (or is this even possible)?

Many thanks in advance,

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Hi Amos,

Could you provide the error msg and/or stack trace (if there is one) so we can better diagnose the problem?


sorry Mark,
this is now working fine.