well_ID <=> position on plate


i’ve got a question about the plate view in the Analyst:

let’s say i have well_id as numbers from 1 to 96 on a 96-well plate => where would it end up on the plate?
i guess A1=1, but then does it (i) meander or is it such that (ii) B1=13?

or would the idea rather be that well_id is A1, A2, …, B1, … rather than 1, 2, …13,…


You can configure it either way in your properties file by setting the well_format field in your properties file:

well_format = A01
well_format = 123

For sequential numbers, the default is NOT to meander (B01 = 13), unless your plate types is a 5600 spot microarray.

thanks!..just checked in my properties files there is no well_format variable.
can i just put it in myself? will CPA recognize it? what happens if this variable is absent? does CPA automatically guess which format the well_id has?

no prob. Yup, just add the variable and CPA will pick it up. If you don’t set it, it guesses for you but isn’t guaranteed to work.