Welcome to the CellProfiler 2.0 forum, for any sort of discussion related to our CellProfiler 2.0 project. We’ve made a number of substantial performance and UI improvements over CellProfiler 1.0, so we hope you find it useful for your image analysis project.
If you have questions ranging from whether CellProfiler is appropriate for your image assay, to understanding some arcane detail of the software, this is the place for you. Before posting your question, we recommend checking out our FAQ or using the search box (upper right corner of the forum webpage) to see if your question has been previously answered.

For those of you who are programmers and would like to contribute code or improvements, you can do the following:

  • Post over in New CellProfiler 2.0 Modules
    forum. - We also recommend that you join our developer mailing list for CellProfiler by sending mail with “Subscribe” in the Subject field to: cellprofiler-dev-request@broadinstitute.org; this is not a high-traffic list and are intended for discussions or questions ranging from code details to the next horizons for the projects.
  • Have a look at our developer wiki
    for more details on module development.