Weka training - apply same classifier to multiple stacks

I cannot figure out a good way to use the Weka Segmentation tool in ImageJ.
Basically, I am missing at least two things, but maybe it is already doable (hence my post) :

  1. How to save current ROIs assigned to one class or the other, and how to be able to resume my work later on…
  2. How to Load a classifier, apply it to one stack of images, then apply it to another stack of images, without having to load it again ? It feels like the weka segmentation tool is assigned to one stack at a time,and everytime a new instance is created, which needs a full reload of the classifier. My classifier starts to be quite big and I don’t load to load it multiple times…



Check out this older thread on the subject (always a good idea to have a quick search through the forum):

And again, here is another answer from an older thread:

If these do not provide the exact answers you need in your case - reply here again. We are here to help!

Hi, thanks for this, indeed, I could have looked more deeply.
However, I was looking for an answer that would not require scripting (for using the same classifier) : isn’t there a way to keep the classifier in memory while opening Weka on another image? Or to keep the same Weka instance and open another image from that instance (without scripting)?
The way I would see it would be to be able to open the Weka even without any opened image, and open them directly from the weka interface.

As for precisions on my first question, I will directly write to the original thread, then.