Weka Trainable Segmentation

Hi everybody!

I saved a classifier (.model) from Weka Trainable Segmentation 3D few weeks ago, and now that I want to reload it, it says ‘Error when loading the classifier from file’
I read the others posts on the same topic, but I would like to know:

  • How to save correctly a classifier? I just click on ‘Save classifier’ so I don’t understand why it didn’t work.
  • How to make sure the classifier is correctly saved?
  • Is it possible to fix the classifier that doesn’t work?

Thank you all for your answers

Hello @mjoetzjer and sorry for the late answer!

That’s the way. The only reason I might think of why it didn’t work is because you close Fiji before it finished saving the file. Was it a large file?

In the log window you should see a message stating “Save model into [your model file name]”.

If it wasn’t properly saved, the file is probably corrupted. Another reason why you might get the error message is because you tried to load a 3D model from regular (2D) Trainable Weka Segmentation, or because you trained on color images and now you load the model on grayscale ones…