Weka trainable segmentation plugin

Hello, I’m kind of new and kind of ignorant with the software, I looked around the forum without any luck, my questions might be somewhat simple.

I’m using the WEKA trainable segmentation plugin, I train the image (1st question: how can I change the color of the classes of my training?) and set up the classifier and I get the segmentation fine, so my second question is: how do I save this segmentation image? I want to be able to work with the image on arcmap or at least change the color of the classes.
My last question is about the accuracy of the classification, I found this: Trainable Weka Segmentation - How to compare classifiers - ImageJ but, this doesn’t give kappa statistics or confusion matrix.

I’m using a subset of a Sentinel-2 satellite image and training for 6 classes, the segmentation looks fine to start working with different classifiers but I want to be able to save each classification image to compare and choose the best algorithm for my classification, also to see the better accuracy of the classifiers using the same training.

I don’t know how to proceed I feel like the answer might be really easy but I can’t find it. It’s killing me inside. Hahaha, I’ll keep playing around with it to see if something happens.

Thank you for your time and please help.