WEKA Classification Macro Batch – Loading Classifer, saving histogram of classified image

Hi everyone,

I’m attempt to create a macro that will allow me to batch process some photos. Optimally, I would like to load my classifier into WEKA, classify the image, and save the “list” version of the histogram so I can get the pixel values. In the future I’d like to get those pixel values into an excel file.

My current macro looks like this, though is shotty.

run(“Trainable Weka Segmentation”, “open=[/Users/JACOBI/Documents/Thesis Documents/Data/LizardMHPhotos/IMG_2314.JPG]”);
selectWindow(“Trainable Weka Segmentation v3.2.34”);
call(“trainableSegmentation.Weka_Segmentation.loadClassifier”, “/Users/JACOBI/Desktop/PADRE.model”);
selectWindow(“Classified image”);
saveAs(“Results”, “/Users/JACOBI/Documents/Thesis Documents/Data/LizardMHPhotos/Histogram of Classified.csv”);`

Thanks so much and excuse my noobness of this program.`