Weibel counting method

i am trying to used weibel grid for counting. i have fatty liver slide and i want to count the lipid droplet with red stain and capillary ,
i download the weibel puling but i can not use it the said to me it was wrong, it must end with class or java
but the pulging end with Weibel_9.2.ojj.

really i need your help or can anyone guided me with anther macro or pulging that help me to count. i used image type convert then binary and analyses particle. but they count every cell in the slide.

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I assume you’re talking about this:


The .ojj extension is specific to ObjectJ, so you should make yourself familiar with ObjectJ first.

On the other hand, there are many ways to quantify cell counts, both using stereology or more holistic approaches. If you describe in more detail what you’re trying to achieve, someone here on the forum might be able to help you better.

thank for replying
now am get to used object J
i want to count lipid to determine the volume density of it and compare with other slide