We'd like to see Key-Value Pairs in OMERO.iviewer

On the Info tab of OMERO.iviewer, the information shown is very limited.

Information such as Tags, Key-Value Pairs, etc and Original Metadata are not supported.

My understanding is that Key-Value Pairs are meant to be the main support for metadata, then it would make more sense that they appear on OMERO.iviewer as well as on OMERO.web.


Thanks for the feature request.
I’ve added it to the card at https://trello.com/c/Ogx4zfoJ/1-annotations-display-edit.


I’d like to second @kouichi-c-nakamura 's feature request. And since I’m greedy :slight_smile: , can I add a request for the other annotations as well? I’m specifically interested in Tags and Attachments.

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I’ve added it to the Trello card. We’re slowly moving to using GitHub issues instead of Trello, so in future please feel free to open an issue on the GitHub repo if you want, though also feel free to continue posting on image.sc.