Washed out colors after saving file


I recently switched laptops (from Windows to Mac).

While using Windows, I edited the Brightness/Contrast in Fiji (and saving in .png format) of a picture and then when I would open the image with the viewer or inserted it in a presentation the colors would look exactly the same as they looked in Fiji.

Today I did the same image processing in Mac, I adjusted the parameters to my liking and saved the image. After opening the images with the viewer, Photoshop or power point (regardless of the format, if i’m exporting or not, regardless of the type of image) the colors look washed-out, they “pop” less than while the image is open in FIJI. But then, if I open them back with FIJI, the colors are bright again.

To me, this seems like FIJI in MacOS is giving me a “fake” representation of the colors, and if someone could help me to set up the “realistic” view I’d be forever thankful.