Wanted List for Wiki


Hello all,
Having chatted to @ctrueden and others at the NEUBIAS meeting, I really want to contribute to the Wiki (esp regarding techniques). I can’t commit huge amounts of time but would be happy to do 15 - 60 minutes at a time when I can.

What would be really helpful is a working list somewhere of pages that need work or needed pages. Basically, the “Wanted Pages” function in MediaWiki (that people don’t, at this point, use), to focus the work of more casual contributors.

Does such a page exist? Would others find it helpful? What’s the best place to put it?

Thoughts, comments &c. appreciated,



So personally, I think the Techniques page is a reasonable list to check—and in particular, the links of the Techniques section of the right-hand sidebar menu, which IMHO are the most prevalent & needed sections for common biological image analysis.

People are also welcome to write new page and add [[Category:Techniques]] so that they appear in the list.

Another thing you can do with very limited time is: when finding a page which is clearly outdated and/or wrong, slap on the {{Outdated}} template at the very top, to warn new users. You could also look at the list of pages which use that template—these pages are all in need of update!