Walking z-Projection


is there an easy way to do a walking z-Projection over a 3D-stack similar to the walking average (run("Walking Average") from the Multi_Kymograph Plugin?

My goal is to max-project a window of 2-3 (X) slices and and move this window along the complete z-Axis as sketched below.

I thought of substacking/duplicating and z-projecting in a for-loop and then recombining the z-projections to a stack but maybe there are easier alternatives? Is it eg. possible to use the image calculator on specified slices?

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PS: I know it is kind of funny to throw away resolution like this but I was thinking of a quick way to check for proximity of structures in z-direction. Basically saying, if I detect overlap of two channels in a max-projection spanning X µm it is good enough as a readout for us. If this seems like a bad idea to start with, I’m considering 3D nearest neighbour distance but for the specific question of these experiments it seems somewhat over the top…


You can try this plugin

Called the grouped z projecto
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Thanks! Also the documentation surprises me once again (:
Best, Joachim

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