VSI User Labels and Deep-Learning Results Not Opening in Fiji

I created deep-learning user labels in cellSens based on a .vsi file and would like to save the labels as a TIFF. However, when I open the file in Fiji using the OlympusViewer plugin, the labels do not appear, and BioFormats won’t open the files at all. In addition, when I open a .vsi file processed with cellSens’ deep-learning module, I can’t find the probability map the network generates.

I did a quick google search, and while I have never heard of or used the software before, it looks like the proprietary cellSens stores its results in a database? So there would be no expectation to see the labels in a VSI file, which is the original image, not the labels.

Having not used it, I cannot be sure, but that’s what the website makes it sound like.