VSI: missing expected .ets files


I hope it is appropriate for me to reactivate an old thread, but I have the exact same problem as the original poster. I am using QuPath v0.2.3 to open acquisitions from an Olympus microscope, and I have the same error message with the “missing expected .ets files”. Bioformats in Fiji gives me the same error. The problem is, I do have the .ets files !

These are not my own acquisitions, but the person who sent me them told me they did not change any names or move any files. The file structure I have is like this:

Is there anything obvious I could be missing ? I am new to Olympus microscopes and also to QuPath

Thank you !

It seems if I just move my .vsi into the 5_5 folder that solves the problem, I’ll leave this here in case it helps anyone !


Thanks for updating this thread and posting the solution @Alefriec. From all the representative VSI sample files we have received, the Bio-Formats reader is written to expect that a _<name>_ folder containing the associated .ets folder will exist in the same folder as the <name>.vsi file.