Volume Viewer freezing

I am very new to the program, so please excuse me if my questions are silly. I always try to solve them on my own. If my questions were already asked then I did not find them. Sorry if you feel like I am wasting your time. That is not my intention. (Yes, I use this introduction for my other questions, as I did not want to ask them all in the same post since it would be difficult to categorize)
I have an image sequence of ca. 700 images. Together they form a 3D figure. I want to take several slices in different planes, so for this I use the Volume Viewer.
I have two types of image sequences: high (16-bit) and low (RGB color) resolution.
The low resolution images work perfectly (needs less than a minute to open). The high resolution ones do not.
My guess is that the image sequence is to heavy. Everytime I open the sequence and try to open the Volume Viewer, my computer kind of freezes. I must admit that I haven’t waited very long (maybe for like 20-30 min) as the low resolution one works so quickly.
Is there a way to make this work?
My memory setting is 20000 MB. I just tried and looked what worked. With 40000MB it did not for the low resolution images. I read about a problem called “thrashing” but I did not understand it. Does this help?
Is it maybe possible to open the Volume Viewer without previously having to open the over 700 images, to make it easier for my computer?
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I am a medical engineering student. I do not know much about programing. Until now I have survived by try and error and copying from different forums. Still I would like to understand the answer, but in the worst case, I’ll be happy just with the solution. If you can give me some reading recommendations I will happily read them and work my way through ImageJ.
In any case, THANK YOU

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