Volume Fraction Surface Algorithm in BoneJ

Dear BoneJ users,

I am trying to measure BV/TV for irregular sections of trabecular bone in BoneJ and would like to use the Surface Mesh Algorithm option to determine the TV. When doing so, the output continues to use the entire volume of the imported image sequences as the TV rather than creating a surface mesh. Any suggestions as to what may be going wrong or what can be changed (besides the amount of surface resampling)? Thanks!

Hi Madelynne,

The plugin creates meshes from both the bone and total volumes. If I understood your question correctly, the blue total surface may simply obscure your bone mesh. In 3DViewer, you can select the blue mesh, and remove it by pressing the Delete-key.

Best regards,

Make sure you have added your irregular ROI to the ROI Manager and selected the Surface Mesh algorithm and to use ROI Manager in the Volume Fraction dialog. When you are generating your ROI, it can be helpful to ‘interpolate ROIs’ to generate a smooth continuous volume of interest (VOI)