Vnc display image size



Thanks to David, I am able to connect from a window machine to a Linux machine to run CPAnalysis remotely. I am now having trouble with image display in “Classifier”. Two problems:

  1. images too dim. Linux has this problem even after I set 'Image Format Information" to Y. (Images are in .png format.) VNC surprisingly display them very bright.

  2. image size too big. I would like images to be smaller so that I can see more images in one screen. I noticed the size of the displayed image is hard-coded as 40 instead of using the “width of Object Cropping Square” in the properties file (It was commented out). If I enable the specified width of images, will it cause trouble?

    Please share some experience.

Sarah Hu



  1. I am away of the brightness confusion. There are a couple different places in the app where you will note that images are brighter or darker. This seems to be due to different algorithms for combining the RBG channels. I believe the dimmer version is actually correct, but this still needs to be looked at more closely. Ideally, I’d like to supply controls to adjust brightness (and possibly contrast) anywhere images are displayed. It will be a little while before this is all cleaned up. We are currently in the first phases of completely rewriting the software, so we would like to only modify the existing version to fix bugs, or add frequently requested features.
  2. You should be able to modify your properties file to use any cropping square you’d like. Just to be safe though, when you make changed to this property, make sure to reboot CPA.


Thank you Adam.
After restarting CPAnalyst, I was able to adjust image size (Properties start kick in).