Visual particle distribution & heatmaps

Hello all. I have a sample in which I am trying to get an idea of the spatial distribution of particle sizes, among other things. So far, I have digitized a significant number of the particles and have run a basic particle analysis (area, fitted ellipse, and angle from horizontal).

The best idea I have had is to create a heat map of particle density using the coordinates for the center of the fitted ellipse. I would want to break my image into a fine grid, 50x50-100x100, and assign colors based on the total number of particle centers in a given gridspace, but I do not have nearly enough time to do that.

Is there a macro or plugin which would do something similar? If not, does anyone have an idea for a way to do something similar relatively quickly?

My mantra is to use the Spatstat package:

Have a look at this post:

The Spatstat package can be easily used to create heatmaps from particle distributions or apply Quadrat counts methods.


This was exactly what I needed, thanks!

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Spatstat works like a charm! Tnx for introducing me to it.

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