Visual image search app for Mac

In June we released our Kiano app, a visual image browser for Mac. At that time, many users regretted that only pictures from the Photos App could be used. As a result, we have now released a new app “PicArrange” which allows to display folders with pictures just like the Finder app. Unlike Finder, PicArrange can sorted images not only by file name and date, but also by content and color. This visual sorting makes it possible to view and search large amounts of images faster. It is also possible to display images from several directories at the same time in a sorted way, so that duplicates can be found easily.
Besides the visual sorting PicArrange offers a similarity search, allowing to find images similar to one or more example images. Image files can be deleted, copied or opened with Preview directly with PicArrange. For the moment PicArrange supports Jpeg, PNG, Gif and HEIC images.

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