Vista and installing the new version of CP



after downloading the new version of CP for windows vista there are problems when unzipping it. Repeatedly there are messages that certain files or folders already exist. Does it have to do with the fact that an older version of CP (CellProfiler_1.0.5122_Vista32) is installed or is it a bug?
Thanks in advance for your help,



Hi Dominik,

CellProfiler cannot be placed “on top of” a previous installation (is that where you’re attempting to unzip/install?). Create a new directory and place the new zip file there, separate from your old CellProfiler install directory, and unzip it. The two versions should be able to both be installed, if you choose to keep the old one. Just be certain that your Modules directory (in Set->Preferences) is configured properly.



Hi Dominik and David,

I encountered the same problem that Dominik did and this is the first time that I have ever installed CellProfiler. I am trying to install on a Vista laptop at work because of the Mac Java bug. There are folders present in the zip file that have the same name as other files which are apparently 0 bytes. One is named CellProfiler_mcr and another is named Modules. This prompts Vista to ask if you want to rename the file but I am having difficulty renaming or deleting the conflicting files. I wonder if the files are necessary? I do not have a solution to this except to say that the conflict is not as simple as trying to install over a previous version…


Connor Z Horvath
BioSense Technologies, Inc.
Northeastern University


Indeed, I tested it on my Vista machine at home and am having the same troubles. There are appear to be some Mac OS and other hidden, empty files that may be interfering with the install. We will check this out tomorrow on our Vista development machines. Thanks to both of you for posting this.