Viewing image ROI elements or Overlay in FigureJ

I’ve marked ROI elements on a TIFF image, I have an image and a ROI set. I’d lke to use the image as part of FigureJ canvas. I would like the original ROI elements to be shown on the image on the canvas. I’ve movd them to the overlay, but once I open the imaje with FigureJ they are not there.
I have not find any way the import the ROI elements to FigureJ or to open the image into FigureJ in a way it is showing the elements even if I see them on the image and eveno If move them to overlay and save the image with the overlay.
Is it possible?

Nir Weissberg
(Bio) Eng Faculty.

Welcome to the forum, @nirw158!

Just an FYI that Jerome Mutterer, creator of the FigureJ plugin, does not monitor this forum, as far as I know. So for this question you may want to cross-post to the ImageJ mailing list and CC him.