View total run time after pipeline completion



Is it possible to view the total run time after the pipeline has finished running? During the analysis, I can view the current run time and the estimated total time in the bottom right corner, but these numbers are cleared when the pipeline finishes. I think it would be helpful to make the timestring persist after the pipeline finishes and instead clear it next time “Analyze Images” or “Start Test Mode” is pressed (or similar).

Improving CellProfiler Speed

Someone more knowledgeable may be able to answer but in the meantime, I believe when you export per-image data there is some information about time consumed (with one entry per row, which is per image). Perhaps looking around for that could give you a clue about total time elapsed.

(But a warning: measuring time is not super simple given that often multiple workers are working simultaneously).


What Anne has said is true in ExportToSpreadsheet; it is sadly NOT yet true for ExportToDatabase but hopefully we will be able to add that.

I think adding the execution time is an interesting idea- would you mind suggesting it here?

In the meantime as a workaround, CellProfiler in the “Experiment” CSV or the “Per_Experiment” database table does give you the time the experiment started- if you know the time your output file was created or modified then, you should be able to pretty accurately determine the elapsed runtime.