View full 'Plugins' drop-down when running Fiji in Linux

I am running Fiji on a remote Linux system, using VNC viewer. However, I cannot see/access all of the plugins on the drop-down menu. Simply put, the ‘plugins’ go off the bottom of the screen and I cannot see or access plugins with names past the letter ‘R.’ I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but how do I see and access all of the plugins?

Usually, the menu should be scrollable, but that depends on the operating system, window manager, and the Java look-and-feel.

Can you post a screenshot?

As a workaround, I recommend you use the built-in search bar (or press CtrlL) and type the name of the plugin you’d like to run.


Great suggestion on the ‘search’ approach — that is what I’m doing for now. Even when I select/highlight an option, and use the arrows to move down the drop-down, it doesn’t refresh or pull up the options down at the bottom (rather, the selection goes off-screen too).

I found the thread on the ImageJ mailing list where this was discussed 8 years ago:

Citing from there:

As mentioned in that thread as well, Plugins › Utilities › Control Panel… is another good workaround.

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