Video processing speed



Hi everybody!!
I’m a new ImagenJ user and I need some advice from you about the hardware requirements. My experiment consists of a large number of behavioral recordings (1000 videos of 200mb each one) and it would be great if I could process it as quickly as possible.
I did a test of one video on a I7 processor and 32GB RAM desktop machine, and all the thing took about half an hour. The hard and slow step was the video upload. However, I checked the memory and CPU resources during the steps and I know that the slowness is not due to a lack of RAM or processor capacity. Can someone tell me your experience or give me some advice about the best way to speed up the editing process?
Thanks for your time



Hi @Flaiba, and welcome!

Could you describe what kind of processing do you need to do on the videos?

If it’s some kind of automated processing, then you can write a script that runs in batch mode where the image is not displayed. That should prevent some of the delay.

If you need to do manual analysis, you could try opening the video as a virtual stack.

Hope this helps.