Video monitoring eyelid movement

Hello everyone,
What’s the best method to record a 10 minute video for eyelid movement. Then to use this to calculate the number of blinks



Hi @Mostafa_Diab,

There is a lot of literature about eye blink detection. Is this the same as ‘eyelid movement’? Detection of blinks can be in the visible light, but also in the infrared, using special optics and detectors as well as plain cameras. Your previous contribution to the forum already made clear that the more precise you paint the situation and word your question, the easier it becomes to get an answer.

What to choose and what works best depends on the setting. Apart from the duration, 10 minutes, and the equipment used, a video camera, what conditions will apply in your case? Think about freedom of the subject to move (around), experimental conditions, background (wall?), distance to e.g. a camera, possible landmarks you have or have not available, nature of the movement (slow over time or in the blink of an eye, literally), etc.

Hi @eljonco

No eyelid blinking is involuntary eyelid closure (spontaneous). It has a normal rate of 15 times per minute.

I need a simple method (digital camera/ smart phone)
one of my friends advised me to use the selfie video from the phone ?

I have Cannon EOS 1200.

This is something that is probably best done with OpenCV. Googling OpenCV and eye blink detection yields this nice tutorial:

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