Value not decimal

Hi all,
I am having a stupid issue on the ImageJ of my personal laptop. I created a new stack of images and add a value of 0.25 to a certain portion of the image. It doesn’t let me add anything that is a decimal number. For example if I add 1.25, it adds 1. And if I add then 0.25 it stays 0.
Is there something in the setting I can change for showing value with decimal numbers?
Never had this issue with ImageJ in my workstation.
Thank you a lot.

Are you working with 8bit or 16bit or 24bit RGB images?

If yes, these images are integer images and adding a decimal value will result in an added rounded integer.

Convert your 8bit or 16bit to 32bit float and you can add arbitrary values. Color images must be converted channel-wise.



Great! Thank you so much!