Using the TRIM MODE tool

Hi! I would like to know if you can help me to use the TRIM MODE tool, I
don’t know if it is from BoneJ or ImageJ. I can’t find it in the user guide. I
read in a paper that they use it to cut a cube in a 3D image. Thanks!

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Sorry I can’t help with the TRIM MODE tool—I don’t know what that is. I don’t think it is part of Fiji or core ImageJ.

Thank you.
In a paper in which they had worked with BoneJ I eras that they used the TRIM MODE tool to cut a bone cube from a jaw and analyze it individually. If the TRIM MODE tool doesn’t exist, is there a tool that allows me to cut a bone cube from a CT scan?

There isn’t a BoneJ plugin called TRIM MODE. The authors may be referring to Fit Sphere.

The easiest way to cut a cube is to draw a rectangular ROI and Image>Duplicate, selecting to copy the stack and specifying the range of slices to include in the new image.

Can I save the cube as a separate DICOM file?

Better to save as tiff, which is the standard for ImageJ. The DICOM headers and pixel values will be retained. File>Save will by default save your image stack as a single 3D (multipage) tiff.