Using the modules for 1536 plate

Hi, I am trying out CP2.0 for taking measurements of intensity and area for colonies growing in a 1536 (32x48 grid) plate format. Have people had any success with CP in analyzing images of this size? I am running CP on a MAC with 16 GB memory. My pipeline works fine for upto 384 colony plate, but anything larger it gives me errors. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Cheers!

The answer to this depends primarily on two things:
The image size, in pixels. Ordinarily, CP can handle images up to 2000 x 2000 reasonably well. Much above this, and you may have problems, especially if a lot of intermediate images are being created and/or displayed by your pipeline. - The resolution of your image features
. The colonies may be such that you don’t need the full resolution to get good results. If so, downsampling your image may be a good solution.