Using the CPA/Scatter Plot/Show cells in gate

Dear CP/CPA team,

I have learned about CP/CPA in the San-Diego 2015 ASCB meeting and a big fan since then. Thank you!.
I am trying to use the Show cells in gate of the Scatter Plot tool. I am looking for rare cells within the population and would like to review them. After I create a gate indeed I can see my cells however it opens them in a new window which does not allow to switch on/off the different channels and to review them separately. I would also like to save these cell images. Is there a way to view those cells in the Image-Gallery tool?

Any other suggestions ?

Thank you!


Hmm, these are use cases I hadn’t thought of that we should consider adding feature requests for! Unfortunately CPA is maintained on a volunteer only basis, so it may take some time to be implemented.

In the meantime, it’s a bit of a hacky workaround, but if you open the Classifier tool at the same time as your ScatterPlot tool is open you can drag-and-drop the cells from the gallery tool created by “Show cells in gate” into a classifier bin (I did this by right-clicking, hitting “Select All”, then dragging them all in at once). Classifier then lets you turn channels on and off, play with the sizing and contrast, and save thumbnails of all of the cells.

Thank you very much!!!

This is very helpful and exactly what I need.

Best regards