Using Same Set Scale Dialogue Box Repeatedly

When determining scale bars I have to set up a set scale box say a 100 µ division of a 1000 µ stage calibration slide when using a 10X objective. I do this by drawing a straight line with the shift key between the first 100 µ division. Is there any way to save this set scale box with the 100µ division line for future use at a later date? If you have the answer, please respond in plain English, no geek talk. Thanks

You can use the macro recorder of ImageJ to record GUI actions like the scale dialog settings easily, see:

This produced macro code (or Java, etc.) can then be applied repeatedly for later use.

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Easily? Way beyond my computer know how but thanks anyway.

Then YouTube is your friend:

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Thanks, I use youtube a lot. Found it helps sometimes to play it at half speed, especially the silent ones. Going there now to learn all about Macros.

Beginning to get the macro concept. Fiji follows what I’m doing and creates a macro to do it automatically for me the next time I have occasion to do the same procedure again. It’ll take quite a lot of study and practice, but it’ll be worth it if I can automate the repetitious steps in scaling images since I have so many to do. You’ve been a BIG help. Thanks again.