Using other tools while cell counter plugin is open


After counting the number of vesicles within an EM micrograph of a cell I now want to measure the diameter of the counted vesicles. However whenever I select the line tool and click on the image another cell counter is added. Is there anyway to use any other tool while the cell counter is open?


Use the built in multi-point tool to do the counting. It does not have this problem. In the following screenshot I used it to count the three types of objects in an image. Use the “Point Tool” dialog, opened by double clicking on the multi-point tool icon, to switch between counters. The “Counts” table, opened by typing “y” (Edit>Selection>Properties), displays the counts. The “Results” table, opened by typing “m” (Analyze>Measure), shows the counter associated with each point.

You should be running ImageJ 1.51g, or later, which fixes a bug that sometimes caused counting to fail when switching between counters. The 1.51h4 daily build adds the ability to display the counters and counts in the Results window.