Using NI USB card and galvos in Projector plugin


I have a National Instrument USB X series (6343, 6353, 6363) which has a couple of galvo mirrors connected to it. My plan is to use these galvo mirrors to control laser for photostimulation.

I managed to connect the NI USB X series to Micro-Manager (2.0).

However, when I select the plugin “Projector”, the software will say that there are no galvo mirrors connected. Is there a way to let Micro-Manager understand the galvos are there, and they can be controlled by the AOs of the NI USB DAQ?

Many thanks for the help!

The projector plugin only works with devices of type “SLM” and “Galvo”. The NI device adapter (do you use the NIMultiAnalog adapter?) does not provide those devices, but rather devices of type “SignalIO”. In principle, it should possible to “translate” two of those SignalIO devices into a Galvo device (using a “Utilities” device), but that translation has not happened. If you are interested, I could write one, but it will take some time, and I would need your help testing the code.

Hi Nico,

Thanks for your reply. It does make sense, now that you described the logic behind it.

I’ve been trying to use the NI100x adaptor because of the digital output that I might need to use. But nothing stops me from using the NIMultiAnalog adaptor in this case.
If translating these SignalIO devices into a Galvo device using “Utilities”, will then the “Projector” plugin read it as Galvo mirrors?

If you could help with the code, I will be more than happy to test it! When working it will make a huge difference for me! Thanks!

Hi @DrRRBammann,

Actually I have some code for a “Galvo” device that directly talks to an NI DAQ. It is not in Micro-Manager yet but should only require a quick cleanup before adding. I will have time next week to do this, if you can wait.

Looking at my code quickly, it uses a PFI line as a digital output to switch or pulse the laser, in addition to two analog outputs for the galvos. It does not support some of the advanced features like drawing polygons.

Hi @marktsuchida,

I will be more than happy to also try it! Next week won’t be a problem.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @nicost,

Is there anything I could do to help with this case?

Thanks for the help!