Using ImageJ to view and convert VSI files

Our lab bought a 4K camera and the only way to open and convert images in an uncompressed format is through the use of VSI files. As far as I understand, there are very few ways to open and convert VSI files. One of the options is through the use of ImageJ with the OlympusImageJ Plugin.

I followed the directions for installing the plugin at I cannot tell whether I followed the directions correctly as I cannot figure out for the life of me how to actually use the Plugin. I asked Olympus for assistance and they said they weren’t equipped to handle such questions even though it is their Plugin. If I managed to install the program correctly, I seem to be getting lost on how to open a file. The directions were a little confusing. For example, they state:

‘Install vs2008 runtime. The runtime is in OlympusViewer-package/WinRuntime. If you use 32bit OS, install vcredist_x86.exe. If you use 64bit OS, install vcredist_x64.exe’

Are the .exe files vs2008 runtime or is vs2008 runtime something else entirely. I think I did this correctly (I installed the appropriate .exe and am able to open the program); I’m just a bit uncertain as I cannot get the program to function.

Please help.


.vsi files seem to be supported by Bio-Formats](… Have you tried opening those files in Fiji using Bio-Formats Importer? Give that a go for now… perhaps you can by-pass this plugin issue if it works?

Too - just double-check the installation manual… can you not open the program at all in Fiji? Or is it just unable to open your specific images?

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Thomas, did you ever figure this out? I have had great luck with both the plugin from Olympus and BioFormats. I do prefer BioFormats and it is much less cumbersome.