Using imageJ in Cell profiler to make max intensity projection

I want to make max intensity projection Using imageJ in Cell profiler. I’m not using CP in build module Make Projection because I have to make projected image and use it in same pipeline and the way I understand it works in separate pipeline only. Plz share a pipeline using imageJ in CP

The simplest method is to record a macro in ImageJ and then use RunImageJ > Macro, and paste in your Macro. As long as it only deals with images as inputs and outputs (and not interactive dialogs), this should work!

This is just a test - please ignore!

Hi Alison,
I could not understand what this test is.

Hi David,
Thanks. But I don’t know coding and writing macros. Just recording macro and putting it in the pipeline is not working.
I’m sorry for bothering you but this is not really working for me. Images i’m analyzing at quite big (40mb) so I’m not being able to attach it but I can share it over google drive etc. if possible please help.
My other post (Want to generate Max projection and use in same pipeline downstream) related to this problem explains other strategy that I tried but did not work.

Actually when ever I tried I could not use ImageJ in CP pipeline so best would be if somebody could make a pipeline so that I future I can make it on my own