Using frame grabber EZCAP with micromanager

I am using an old video camera with analog output signal .The video camera has BNC connector. For doing real time image processing I need a Frame grabber device which convert analog signal to digital images.Do you have any idea about a frame grabber which uses driver which is DirectShow or WDM compatible. I have ordered for EasyCap USB 2.0 . I am able to get video using the application software provided by the company. The GUI window of μmanager is unable to read it. I think that the driver software provided by the frame grabber is not DirectShow or WDM compatible. I find out later that the frame grabber that I have is clone of the original device and being manufactured in China. I have searched on internet but the frame grabbers available there are too costly and we do not want to spend more than 150 as we have placed an order for new camera but it will take few months to arrive. Could you suggest a frame grabber which cost around 150 with RCA or S-Video output and compatible with μmanager.
Thank you
PhD student
IISC Bangalore , India