Using Ellipsoid Factor in a Macro


I am trying to use the Ellipsoid Factor from BoneJ2 in a Macro by using the Macro recorder. The problem is that it doesn’t seem to record the command properly even though the command worked: the run(“Ellipsoid Factor”) command doesn’t register on the recorder and the input options don’t appear either.
This is the result of the Recorder:

Do you know how to fix it? Or do you know how to formulate the input options so I can write it myself?

Thank you!

Thanks for reporting this. I opened a bug report:

Pretty sure it’s a quick fix for @rimadoma or @alessandrofelder, who know the most about this plugin.

Hi There @mdoube, it looks like you solved the recording issue, but I’m running into an additional issue. Ellipsoid Factor Window

When I run the macro script produced I get this window. I’ve tried disabling error messages & setting batch mode in ImageJ to no success. It makes running batches of images through EF a challenge cause I have to hit OK every new image that is loaded. There’s a few work arounds I can think of (e.g. having an external software that will click in the location this box appears every 10-20 minutes to cycle to the next image), but was hoping this may be a known issue that already has a solution (can’t seem to find anything on the forum).

Let me know if you need any more information.

This is a known issue that will be fixed in the next release, right @alessandrofelder?

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Yes, agreed, @mdoube. We need to create a PR and merge ux-tweaks before we release for the changes to take effect…

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@alessandrofelder awesome glad to hear. I will manage in the meantime! Thanks for your help