Using Deeplabcut for Seizure Monitoring/Scoring

Hello, I’m interested in using Deeplabcut for video monitoring and scoring seizures in mice using the Racine Scale. We have a system set up for 24 hour monitoring and if deeplabcut is able to accomplish this for us, it’ll save us HOURS of time with the added bonus of consistency.

I have a few questions regarding how well this will fit into our current methods of monitoring:

  1. Can we use deeplabcut to assess multiple individuals within a single setup?
  2. If so, can we label one mouse and have the program recognize the behaviors across different animals?


Dear @phihwang

Yes you can – check out Fig. 4 in
Here is the link for the code:


Have there been any updates or other users attempting to track seizures of different types using DLC? Would be interested in talking or even collaborating to generate an unbiased scoring system.