Using classifier results in the scatter plot


I just start using CPA and the potential seems great. There is one thing I would like to do but I still don’t know if it is possible or how to achieve it. I’m using the classifier to classify positive and negative cells and once I have generated my rules, I would like to use the scatter plot and use only my positive cells in the graph. Is that something possible ? Thanks


Yes, you can, but you will have to delve into the database itself and even then it won’t work with CPA’s Scatterplot without hacking a bit (as far as I can think of!). But you can “join” the class_table to the per_object table and then filter this any way you’d like. This answer is old, but it should still apply:

So basically,
(1) Alter your properties file to include a “class_table” entry. An example is below, and most properties files include this template near the bottom.

[code]# ======== Output Per-Object Classes ========


Here you can specify a MySQL table in your Database where you would like

Classifier to write out class information for each object in the


class_table = Example_class_table[/code]
(2) Using Classifier, Train, Find Rules, and Score All.

(3) Then follow Adam’s suggestions by opening the SQLite (or MySQL) database viewer and executing the SQL query (modified for your table names as he says). You may best export the new per_object table and/or filter it however you like. Or another suggestion (ok, hack) is found here:

Good luck!