Using a mask in an image set

Hi all
I’m using CellProfiler 2.1.1 on Windows 7.
I’m having trouble creating an image set with a mask. I have 4 images: 3 are different channels and 1 that is a mask for one of the channels. I’ve used NamesAndTypes to group them by channel. The name of the mask file has ‘_mask’ appended so I can separate that, too. Here’s what I have:

Every time I click update it says there is an error but I can’t find the log file. Even though the mask is grouped correctly with the other images into a set, the error is still occurring and I’m not sure what its impact is.
Please could anyone help with this?

Hello cobistu!

Could it be a conflict between the DNA and DNA_mask rules, as both contain “ch2” in their file name?.

I encountered a similar problem once, and now make sure the file name features are exclusive, or appended at the end of the file name (since specifying them with “File does End With …ch0.png” would also work, if I remember correctly)

If you could zip your pipeline/project file and one (or more!) sets of 4 images and upload that here, that’d be helpful for diagnosing this. Thanks!

Hi Fabba123! Thanks very much for your help - this solved it.

I will make sure to do this next time I have an issue. Thanks