Using 2 D stich text file for 3D registration

I am trying to stitch a big Z stack. I have created the “TileConfiguration.registered.txt” file using the grid-wise stitching of a single slice in a multichannel Z scan. I am trying now to apply this registry file to the multichannel Z stack, but i am getting this error “java.lang.ClassCastException: mpicbg.models.TranslationModel2D cannot be cast to mpicbg.models.TranslationModel3D”.

Cab you please help me apply the same configuration (as obtained from single image stitching) and directly use the same algorithm to te hyper stack. to a hyper stack.

Hi @kapish_gupta,

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Can you please attach the “TileConfiguration.registered.txt” here? I think that will make it easier for someone to help.


TileConfiguration.registered.txt (463 Bytes)
thank you for your reply. Please find the attached copy of the reg file
This is the registry file obtained by applying stitching on the best image from the stack. I want to apply the same algorithm to hyperstack tiles, wherein each tile has 5 channels and 6 Z stacks.