Users and how to get logged in

I’ve gone through your doco and setup my omero server, omero web and I can get the webpage up to login…but now what. There doesn’t seem to be a default username and password with which to login to setup users and groups. And when I try and add a user from the command line it asks for a username and password. Which I haven’t been able to setup yet.
Seems to be a bit catch 22 ish

Hi @ryan. Welcome to!

Which instructions did you follow? We’ll need to make sure the login info is more prominent?

The password you are looking for is the one created in this step: OMERO.server installation — OMERO 5.6.3 documentation

In the docs it is omero_root_password. Assuming you used that value, you could login with:

  • user: root
  • password: omero_root_password