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I dont manage to have a hyperlink to my profile page on the wiki page of a plugin for which I am author.
I tried the field {{Person|Lthomas}} but strangely it does not work, while when I paste some users from author pages the link is properly rendered :sweat_smile:


This feature is hidden in the Template:Person page on the wiki. I just added your account there:

So please try again editing your plugin page, it should work now :slight_smile:

Note: In the future, those infoboxes are supposed to be auto-generatable from the pom.xml in your project, which hopefully decreases the maintenance burden and helps ImageJ wiki pages stay up to date.


Thanks !

Cool, I cant use Maven yet for this particular plugin relying on opencv due to this issue, but good to know :slight_smile:

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While you can’t use the copy-jars goal (of scijava-maven-plugin) to install your artifact into a local Fiji installation due to the mentioned issue, you could still use maven and a pom.xml to manage your build and package everything into a jar. :slight_smile:

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