Useful or interesting functions for ImgLib2 tests and examples

I started a draft to add some interesting or useful functions to a convenience factory in ImgLib2 . I started with the always useful and beautiful checker board, but I feel that there most be more. Please join me in adding cool functions to this draft.


If you are looking for a place to test functions via eye balling, here is a good place for that:

I started with a Julia set example, first showing how to make a Function and how to visualize it, then how to animate it (because that looks great), then how to combine two functions via a BiConverter Function. The latter depends on the draft of ImgLib2 mentioned above, so checkout the functions branch and build it locally:

git fetch origin
git checkout functions
mvn clean install

The Julia set examples work with the release version of ImgLib2, you can then delete the version override in .


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