Use QuPath from within eSlide Manager on Mac

I wish to use a tool, hopefully QuPath, to extract subimages from slides on ESlide manager and save them as TIFF images. On a windows machine ImageScope allows you to do that. On a Mac, however, there is only a webscope image viewer version and image selections cannot be exported as TIFF (or whatever) images. Does QuPath run from within ESlide Manager? or is there a way that these tools talk to each other? Thank you for reading this and any support would be much appreciated.

There’s no way currently (as far as I know). It’s possible to add extensions to QuPath that can integrate with other software to host slides but this requires the other software to support that. I’ve created a demo of this for OMERO:

I understand both eSlideManager and ImageScope are from Aperio so it makes sense that they can communicate. I don’t know if there is any public documentation available that would allow other open source software to connect to eSlideManager or if there are technical/licensing restrictions that prevent this.

Therefore the possibility really depends on how open eSlideManager is.

Thanks very much for your quick reply! Much appreciated it. So far, I had no success finding another software that can be used in combination with eSM either. So it might be a restriction on their side. Thanks again for your attention.

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It might not be as efficient, but if you really want the TIFFs can you download the original file through their software and open that in QuPath? Or do you not have access to the original image?

Thanks for your message. As far as I understand, there is no such option to download the image from eSM. Meanwhile, the scope of things that are possible with the WebScope might be restricted by (my) access level. An admin access might allow for saving image selections. I might be able to comment on that later.