Use of Process_Pixels-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar as ImageJ1 plugins


I’m new to ImageJ/Fiji plugin. I recently downloaded an example from, compiled using maven and a .jar file generated. However, when I dropped this .jar file to ImageJ/plugins folder, it wasn’t shown on ImageJ1 menu. May I know how to use this .jar file in ImageJ1? Thanks!

In addition, I found very good reference for ImageJ1 plugin (Writing ImageJ PlugIns – A Tutorial v.2000 and v.2006). May I know if there is any equivalent pdf reference for Fiji plugin?

In addition,


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Hey @zwei2001,

just two quick checks, I assume you specified the right menu path in this file? Furthermore, does your jar-filename still contain an underscore _? That’s important :wink:

Regarding how to make Fiji / ImageJ2 plugins. The book hasn’t been written yet, but there are quite sone resources available. The example plugin you may have seen already. There is a video explaining how to use it and many examples for how to use ImageJ2 using Java and more general.

Let us know if you need more specific information. We’re happy to guide you through :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t update anything in example-legacy-plugin and generated within the target folder a jar file, Process_Pixels-0,1,0-SNAPSHOT.jar, within which there is a Process_Pixels.class file.

Not sure what do you mean by “specified the right path”, please clarify, thanks!


Apologies, I could have been more precise in the very first place. That line specifies in which menu path your plugin appiears. It says:

Hence,you find the plugin in the Process menu:

Can you confirm that it’s there?


Please never mind! Yes it works! Thank you very much!!

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One more question, may I know if I need to link pom.xml and resources/plugins.config?

I know has been linked to resources/plugins.config by writing followings in plugins.config:
Process, “Process Pixels”, com.mycompany.imagej.Process_Pixels

If you add another java file, you should link it in plugins.config.
The pom file does not need any links to java files.

So it means, the plugins.config file is “automatically” linked to the java file, and pom.xml file, is it right? Thanks!