Use NI PXI 6723 DAQ in Micromanager


I am interested to use a micro-manager to control Nikon Ti2. I am currently using National Instruments PXI 6723 DAQ to control the laser in Nikon Element Software.
Does NI100 instruction on the web work for PXI 6723 DAQ? Any other driver for this card?

Thank you.

Hi @Youngkwang_Lee,

You can also try the NIMultiAnalog device adapter, which works better for analog output.

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Thank you. I may start a bit more specific question.
I am currently modulating coherent lasers in a analog/digital mixed-mode by Elements. I use the two analog outputs from PXI-6723 for the digital and analog input for the laser. This mixed modulation is necessary for 532 nm channel.

Does the NIMultiAnalog device adaptor support this function? According to the web, it supports hardware triggering (I am not sure it support only hardware triggering or it also support other triggering methods). So I guess I use the fire line (TTL from the camera) to trigger two analog outputs–one for digital and the other for analog inputs for the laser?


Yes, I believe this should work. To use an analog output as a digital output, you need to use the “DATTLStateDevice”, available under “Utilities” when adding devices in the Hardware Configuration Wizard. This “virtual” device allows you to combine one or more analog output devices and use them to output different digital patterns.

Mark, thanks for the plugin. Do you have an example of a configuration, file or screenshot? I’m trying to set-up my LED and triggered filter wheels form the NIDAQ (to be triggered by the camera) and I can’t make anything turn on, etc.