Use MetaData in SaveImages


i would like to use MetaData that i extract from image and path names in order to create the filenames in the SaveImages Module.
-does this option exist and i am just to stupid to find it? (likely :wink:


No, you’re certainly not too stupid to find it. Even we have problems getting the use of metadata straight :smiley:

If you select “Single Name” from “Select method for constructing file names”, you can enter metadata into the file name box. Alternately, if you select “From image filename” and check the “Do you want to add a suffix…?” box, you can also enter metadata into the suffix box.

To enter metadata into the box, you can use the following keys in the controls:

  • A right mouse button click inside the control to show a list of metadata to insert.

  • In Windows, the Context menu key, which is between the Windows key and Ctrl key

More details on metadata can be found in Help > Using CellProfiler > How Data Is Handled > Using Metadata in CellProfiler (if you have suggestions on making the help more clear, let us know). The module help should have some mention of metadata as well. Also, for an example of these items, have a look at the ExampleTrackObjects pipeline from our Examples page.